Beware of Botsplaining

Last week I ran into two acquaintances on separate occasions. They quickly splained to me that Merkel wants to establish Chinese regime conditions in Germany (because we are supposed to wear face masks) and restrict our civil liberties.The two major liberal-conservative weekly news outlets, known for their investigate journalism in a free democracy, der Spiegel and die Zeit, are supposedly funded by Bill Gates, aka the “vaccine-pope”, who also funds the WHO and allegedly wants to earn money on mandatory vaccines on an elaborate scheme.

Who knew about evil Bill Gates? Call me naive-but the guy HAS money and doesn’t need more and frankly, since Trump pulled out government funding for the WHO, I’m glad Bill Gates stepped in.Also, could we discuss vaccination policies when we finally have a vaccine? A day after I was ambushed by those acquaintances, protests were held in German cities by a mixture of right-wing extremists, left-wing extremists, anti-vaxxers and esoterics.And what do they have in common ? Oh yeah right: nothing. This confusion and misinformation, the lumping together of half-truths remind me so much of what went on during the 2016 election in the US and the times thereafter, with all the fake-news and the nearly psychotic unsettling new normal of not being able to trust the bombardment of information flow. Come to think of it, it’s called gaslighting and hybrid warfare.

Why Germany ? There is a shift occurring in geopolitics with Germany and Merkel being strong while the superpowers are weakened. Germany is being undermined by bots right now. Apparently the deviousness of this kind of misinformation lies in the concoctions of half-truths and factual tidbits of analysis. Those individuals who are holistic thinkers tend to buy into these kinds of fallacies, whereas logical thinkers don’t.

Let’s not forget that we live in the anthropocene where we are front and center of an era and what are we so proud of ? Sure, our opposable thumbs- and our beautiful, complex brains.So, please, pleeaase, pleeeeaaase let’s use them!


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