Beyond Woke-Theatre, Gram-tivism and fb-Posing

In the wake of the brutal murder of George Floyd and the global protests against racism it seems like the time is ripe for real change. Perhaps a revolution even.When mainstream media recognizes racial injustice and statues of slave traders are being toppled globally, liberal-conservative politicians taking a knee, then the world seems ready to own up to its colonial crimes.

On the issue of US-American systemic racism, only reparations and sincere apologies from government leaders, can start the healing process of the deep wounds of inter-generational trauma and institute the foundation for a just society that moves away from violence.

Kehinde Wiley, Forty-fourth president, 2009–2017

It is the responsibility of perpetrator societies to own up to their crimes in order not to be stuck in a cycle of repetition. A gesture of humility and peace from a representative of a perpetrator society such as the “Kniefall von Warschau” in 1970, when German Chancellor Willy Brandt knelt unexpectedly in front of a monument honouring the victims of the uprising of the Warsaw Ghetto, is an important acknowledgement of the victim’s and the victim’s families’ pain. Pretending like it never happened, makes it never go away. Apologies and reparations should be made to the First Nations and the African American Population. Although logistically complicated to carry out to individuals, it could begin with land and property, infrastructure, health-care and education, issues at the heart of US-American social injustice and untenable in a first world nation.

Amy Sherald, First Lady Michelle Obama

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