Immersed in Bodies of Work

Instead of being immersed in bodies of water, I spent my summer in the studio. For better or worse here are the results:

Mark my Words (I misplaced my Tartan Sweater)

The joy of a new brush can be seen in this painting on the upper left corner.The weaving of the color lines is attributed to my recent studies of tantra.A comic cloud waves to Philip Guston.

Chromatic Sweeps

Chromatic sweeps is a painting that rejoices in the new brush and the discovery of Swiss acrylics.

Studio Shot of Chromatic Sweeps and I Can’t Breathe ( Tribute to George Floyd and the BLM Movement)
Look out your Window I can see his Light

The painting above is a homage to Kirk Stoller who passed away this year. The colors are based on the colors in his art work.

I’m as Puzzled as the Oyster I’m as troubled as the Tide

This painting started out with sweeping motions and the association with water is intended.Maybe there is a tear amid bioluminescence, maybe two sharks are sniffing out each other or two rocks have a stand off.

Golden Egg

Still having fun with the new brush and the Swiss acrylics.

Excentric Butterfly
He Danced Himself into a Diamond

Mark my Words ( Fault and Pantyhose )

More tantric weaving. Instead of the previous push and pull I tried to put painted surfaces of opacity and translucence next to one another.

It’s a New Dawn

Some tender pinks appear along with green and more to come. The weaving theme keeps creeping up. All paintings around 6 foot somethin’.

Bad photography courtesy of me, professional shots coming soon (When I can afford them) all colors are slightly off.

Goutte que Goutte

Slightly lighter colors.

A Fleck of Freedom

This is a small painting that is slightly older( from last fall ) but I like it.

Tantric Kitchen Towel 1

I did a few smaller size works on paper. Ink on heavy Hahnemuehle water color paper.

Tantric Kitchen Towel 2

What’s up with tantra? Actually less to do with the lascivious image it has.Tantra weaves together the spiritual with the material. The Sanskrit word Tantra means Loom, warp, weave. That’s all.

Tantric Kitchen Towel 3
Tantric Kitchen Towel 4


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